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Console free is the way to be

Every week I hear the same thing, “activate your Xbox gold membership “,”You need to buy a PS4”,and I SAY NAY!!! Long ago I started building computers and playing Starcraft, soon after I discovered online games that were free to play like League of Legends. Time passed and I got sucked into the console wars when halo first came out and have been on team Xbox ever since. Flash forward 16 years and I need a break. There are more than enough free to play and and beta games to keep me occupied. The only true cost is the hardware needed to keep up with the system requirements for them all, and even those costs turn into an investment due to using the same rig for multiple purposes and projects. So today marks day one…364 to go.

When Crazy Happens

The clip above may not be the most accurate depiction of going crazy but it’s what I always imagine when I hear about a breakdown. This week one of my favorite artists , Kanye West had a mental breakdown resulting in the cancellation of the rest of his St. Pablo tour. It hits me hard not only because seeing him was supposed to be my Christmas gift but because what could be a very serious and life threatening issue get’s treated more like a one ring circus. He’s  not the first and definitely won’t be the last but hopefully people will start the conversation about mental illness, regardless if you’re in the limelight or an average joe no one is above a breakdown and help should be readily available.

Not only should they be available but when someone does seek help they shouldn’t be persecuted or shamed by their community for doing so. For years mental illness has been swept under a rug or ignored and dismissed as being weak which is the worse way to treat something that usually gets worse over time. I hope and pray for a speedy recovery for him and the millions like him.