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Project Itoh The Empire of Corpses: Review

This is a story…A story of a deadman…



Characters: This movies features real and fictional characters of that era, such as Dr. Watson(before he met Holmes) , The Brothers Karamazov, even Ulysses S Grant.

Story Origin: This is one of three movies created based on the novels of Satoshi Itō

Production: Produced by WIT Studios, makers of Attack on Titan and Seraph of the End.

Why should you watch it?  Who else could serve a steampunk story justice other than WIT Studios. The story can be a little slow but it’s still interesting. The odes to other novels and characters  in that era are a nice touch and the views on morality are interesting. You can get a little lost towards the second half of it but make sure you watch it until the very end, there’s a final scene after the credits.