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Mob Psycho 100

Just got done watching season 1 and I definitely liked it, the animation was done by the Bones anime studio which means it was top-notch. This anime comes from ONE, the same group responsible for One Punch Man. Both stories revolve around an extremely strong main character but they take the a dramatic angle by making MOB (the main character) a quiet awkward teen that just wants to be normal. The season is standard length 12 episodes but does drag a little until about episode 5-6. If you can hold out for that long you’re in for some great fight scenes, some comedy and a decent story line. I expect to see a season 2 in the future, until then check out season 1 here.

Fate/Grand Order: First Order

It’s a new year which means there’s new anime to watch. One of my favorite franchises has been the FATE series produced by Type – Moon. They have created Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night, and Just released a special for Fate Grand Order.

It’s the year of  2015 and the human race is on the brink of extinction and only the Chaldea Security Organization can prevent it. After tracing the source of extinction to the year 2004 they send a team back in time to investigate and results in the most unlikely of candidates to be thrown into the latest Holy Grail. If you’ve seen the previous series or played the games you’ll see a couple familiar faces, you can watch it now on 9Anime to see what happens.

Project Itoh The Empire of Corpses: Review

This is a story…A story of a deadman…



Characters: This movies features real and fictional characters of that era, such as Dr. Watson(before he met Holmes) , The Brothers Karamazov, even Ulysses S Grant.

Story Origin: This is one of three movies created based on the novels of Satoshi Itō

Production: Produced by WIT Studios, makers of Attack on Titan and Seraph of the End.

Why should you watch it?  Who else could serve a steampunk story justice other than WIT Studios. The story can be a little slow but it’s still interesting. The odes to other novels and characters  in that era are a nice touch and the views on morality are interesting. You can get a little lost towards the second half of it but make sure you watch it until the very end, there’s a final scene after the credits.