ESL Street Fighter King Of The Hill Season 2 final

KING OF THE HILL Season 2 Final

Today was the final round for Season 2 and it went out with a bang! With KBrad being so dominate the last few rounds the weekly question wasn’t who will win but instead who’s next to lose to KBrad and his aggressive Cammy. This week started  with Pavocacdo vs. Stupendous. It was a toss up early, Stupendous fought hard and even managed to tie the score at 3-3. I was questioned how far a Zangeif could go against a R.Mika and we quickly found out…not far at all, the final came down to Pavocado vs KBrad.

Pavocado came out strong and jumped out to a 4-0 lead by using perfectly timed command throws leading to multiple stuns and dominating mix up. which kept KBrad in the corners and under constant pressure. Not to be counted out KBrad started a comeback with a convincing perfect round to start it off and finishing the series with another perfect round with a 10-8 win.

Season 3 starts January 10th and this time it’ll be East vs West. also will be the start of the second season of Street Fighter 5 and the introduction of Akuma and other new characters to the game. Cant wait to see how this all shakes out. Check out for all the highlights on Twitch

Vainglory 2.0 Around the corner

I’m a couple days late but I just saw the updates that are coming in 2.0 and I’m hype!!! New items, Changes to miners and minions but most important to me is VAINGLORY DEVELOPER API.  I literally started building an app in order to track my personal (and eventually team) stats and this will be a great help. Check out the details in the link above

Capcom Cup 2016


The top 32 Street fighter players in Esports battled for the highest cash prize ever for this event, $230,000. There were plenty of upsets, including legends Like Jwong and heavy favorite for the crown Infiltration getting knocked out before the top 8. I don’t want to give any spoilers so watch the matches for yourself in the link above

Project Itoh The Empire of Corpses: Review

This is a story…A story of a deadman…



Characters: This movies features real and fictional characters of that era, such as Dr. Watson(before he met Holmes) , The Brothers Karamazov, even Ulysses S Grant.

Story Origin: This is one of three movies created based on the novels of Satoshi Itō

Production: Produced by WIT Studios, makers of Attack on Titan and Seraph of the End.

Why should you watch it?  Who else could serve a steampunk story justice other than WIT Studios. The story can be a little slow but it’s still interesting. The odes to other novels and characters  in that era are a nice touch and the views on morality are interesting. You can get a little lost towards the second half of it but make sure you watch it until the very end, there’s a final scene after the credits.



ESL King of the Hill Street Fighter Tournament Week 3


It’s week 7 of The Tournament and KBrad (@kbradjstorm)has been running the table with Cammy for the last 3 of them!With a high rish and high reward type of style each week has been exciting to watch. Even against more balanced characters like Ken,Ryu he’s still prevails. Always fun to see a good NorCal vs SoCal battle and this series has turned into another great chapter in it so far. Check out week 8 out next Tuesday at 6pm EST to see who wins the next